Art for Home

Art is a unique way to decorate your home. Whether your interior style is modern minimalist, contemporary or timeless traditional, paintings can add an extra layer of individuality to your space and really show your personality. Choosing the right artwork(s) can be intimidating however, and it can help to keep the following points in mind when browsing prints and paintings.

The function of the space you are decorating, for instance, can orientate your search towards specific artworks that give off a similar energy. Bright, vibrant abstract compositions can infuse joy into a room used for entertaining guests; a room meant to invite relaxation, on the other hand, will welcome landscapes and travel sceneries that uplift their surroundings in a more tranquil way.

A large or visually intricate piece instantly sets the tone for a room or wider space and can be displayed on its own. That type of work is great if you have a lot of wall space and can bring more simplicity and breathing room than a busy gallery wall.

Some works, especially if they are part of a series or created on a specific theme like travel or landscape, can be displayed alongside each other to create visual harmony throughout your space, or even throughout your home to instill a theme or colour palette in your interior. This works especially well with works that are part of a series or created around a specific theme like travel or landscape.

Explore my selection of artworks for the home below; these artworks are delivered ready to hang, and can be easily set up on your walls. Photographs of artworks in situ are available for each piece to illustrate how they might fit in with your surroundings.