Artworks - Understanding the mediums

Painting, drawing, digital art: these are just some of the many types of art that artists work with. I love to work with various options in order to create specific texture or evoke a particular style. For instance, a print and a painting each requires different types of supplies, support material and techniques. These are the most common types of artworks I have available online, and the reasons why I enjoy working with them.

Two paintings framed, side by side on a white wall, getting shadow.

Edition prints

Some prints are available as limited edition prints, meaning the artist decided to only produce a set number of prints. So while open editions can have an unlimited number of prints for one image, limited editions have a fixed number of prints. This number can vary depending on the artwork and the artist’s preference, for instance 25 or 250. Limited edition prints can also be done in different sizes: for instance 10 prints of 53 x 35 cm, and 30 prints of 30 x 20  .

Once the existing prints have been sold they’re all gone, and new prints can’t be produced. Since these works are more rare, they are often more expensive than open editions. Each print is also numbered, with an inscription like “3/50” which means this was the 3rd work produced in an edition of 50. Due to their limited run, edition prints can be a very unique piece of art to own knowing only a small number of them exist! 

No matter the technique, fine art prints offer a unique opportunity to bring art into your space. They can be framed to your liking, which can give more flexibility than a painting since collectors can choose the frame style, for instance in a way that complements other artworks in their home or office.

Browse my work by medium to discover the perfect design for you, with a wide choice of prints, limited editions, drawings, and oils on canvas. 


Oil on canvas is the technique I use most frequently, in particular for the wonderful texture these materials offer. With oil, paint swirls and brushstrokes are sometimes visible in areas of a paint. They add a 3-dimensional, almost textile quality to artworks that can really transform a composition and add more movement and energy to a piece. Paintings can be displayed either framed or unframed, depending on your personal preference and the style of your home.

Original paintings


While paintings are one-off creations, prints are high-quality reproductions of an artwork, which often gives them a lower price point than a painting. Fine art prints are still professional works of art, and using specific ink, paper and techniques which cannot be replicated at home from a digital image.

Giclée prints (the type of prints available in my shop) in particular are made using a printing method that matches very precisely the colours and details of the image reproduced, giving a high-quality print of the original painting.